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During a mare’s pregnancy it is vital for the owners or staff to be present when their mare is going into labour in order to provide assistance and medical help when required. Doing so greatly reduces the risk of harm to the mare or foal.  Since mares almost always lie down to give birth, this event is sensed by foaling alarms which sound an alert.

Foal Alarm

Simply enter a mobile phone into the Pouch and attach it to your mare.

Custom Phone Pouch

Easily and securely attaches to your mare’s halter, and protects the mobile phone.

24/7 Monitoring

Monitor your mare from home via a video feed without having to make the trek to the paddock.

Step 1

Download the App.

Step 2

Attach the Pouch.

Step 3

Monitor your Mare.

Benefits of the Foal App Foaling Alarm

Simple to set up and use.
Phone is easily attached to your mare’s halter using the Foal App pouch
Reliable in any weather
Long range (via Wi-Fi or mobile network)
Alarm includes a live video stream
Alarm directly to your mobile phone
Alarm can alert multiple mobile phones if required
Includes on-demand live video streaming
Torch on the sensor phone is controlled on your phone
Does not require direct line of sight to function
Support for Android and iOS operating systems
Low battery alert

A Foaling Alarm on your Smart Phone.

Smart phones have the required sensor needed to identify when a mare is in the foaling position (laying down on their side) and can communicate with other smart phones on demand.

Foal App utilises this sensor – using a smart phone attached to the mare, an alarm with a video call will sound on one or more receiver smart phone/s. You can even make a video call to check on your mare at anytime.

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