Easy to set up and use

Foal App pouch easily attaches the phone to your mare's halter

Reliable in any weather

Long range (via Wi-Fi or mobile network)

On-demand live video stream & audio

Alarm directly to your mobile phone

Alarm can alert multiple mobile phones

Low battery alert

Torch on the mare’s phone is activated by your phone

Does not require direct line of sight to function

Support for Android and iOS operating systems

Monitor multiple mares at a time

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What they're saying about Foal App

Very lovely people at Equitana. Keep us informed.

by Julie


Great idea Aimee!

by Tim


“Sunny was the first mare to foal with Foal App! It worked great, she had a phone in the pouch on her halter, it sent an alarm when she laid down and then I could view a video stream from the phone that was on her. Then after she had the foal we spied a bit with the camera to see how she was mother it without being near her and disturbing them. Its an awesome idea!”

by Amanda Waller BVSc(Hons), Equine Veterinarian


Why didn't someone think of this earlier?!

by Annie

Love being able to ring and see my horse. Would definitely recommend.

by Sammy


The pouch was very easy to attach. Look forward to the safe birth of our foal.

by Jeremy


by Fred


Great work! We have a few mares foaling and its wonderful being able to keep a eye on them all with one app!

by Trudie