Foal App uses a smartphone attached to the mare's headstall to detect when she lies down, indicating that labour is starting, and notifies receivers with an alarm on their own phone. Using the inbuilt camera and microphone you can check on the mare even if you aren’t nearby.

Foal App is free to download and use as a receiver, however to use it to monitor a mare you must purchase credit within the app. This credit is per week, but does not expire until it is assigned to a mare and consumed. Weekly credits cost $10-28.99 USD depending on quantity, larger purchases have a discounted rate. You will also need a Foal App pouch to attach the phone to your mare, which is $49.95 USD.

You will need to put a second  phone on your mare as you need a phone to receive the alarm as well.

Both the monitoring and receiving phone need a reliable internet connection, otherwise the app cannot send/receive alarms or video. We recommend a mobile phone plan, as it is generally more reliable than WiFi.

Foal App supports both Apple iOS and Google Android devices, however we do not recommend using Apple devices on the mare. You can see a list of our recommended devices on our Support page. Foal App may work on other devices but we do not recommend low cost or excessively old phones.

Battery life using an Android phone is up to 6 days (Motorola Moto E5). However many factors can reduce the battery life including the model of phone, age of the phone, weak signal, cold weather etc. Foal App features battery warnings and will notify receivers before the monitor goes flat. To increase battery life an external battery can be used, which can triple the battery life.

The alarm volume is set by your phone volume, so make sure your phone is not on silent.

The alarm will work anywhere you have an internet connection, no matter how far away you are.

Some mares may set the alarm off often when they aren’t going into labour. By using the camera you can see if the mare is rolling, scratching or going into labour without rushing out to check.

While viewing the video you can turn the phones flash on and off to see even if it is dark.

You can monitor as many mares as you need.

Yes. The pouch attaches to any kind of halter and fits snugly under the mare’s neck.

It is unlikely. The pouch has a double velcro system and the material used is shock absorbing. Keep your phone safe and dry by placing it in a waterproof and protective phone case inside the pouch while monitoring your mare. Make sure to keep the pouch and velcro clean, and securely fastened, as this helps ensure it the phone does not fall out or off and become damaged .

You can access the live video feed as often as you like. You don’t have to wait for the alarm to do this. Be aware, however, that constant use of the video will shorten the battery life.

Foal App uses approximately 2GB of data per month on the monitor phones. This can vary depending on how often you choose to access the live video feed.

If you live in the same country as one of our distributors (Australia, New Zealand, USA, or the Netherlands), post takes 2-10 business days. International postage to any other country varies depending on your location, and can take up to 4 weeks. Please contact us for more information at

Yes - You can have as many receivers as you like, the alarm will go to all of them. You can either log into your account on multiple devices, or if you'd like someone else to receive alarms you can send them the mare code by clicking “Share mare code” in the app.

Yes. If one phone does not have internet connection you will still get the alarm once it reconnects, but this could be delayed. You will also not be able to use the video features with limited reception.

Foal App recommends keeping your phone safe and dry by placing it in a waterproof and protective phone case inside the pouch while monitoring your mare.

At this stage, Foal App works on tablets but is still phone sized on the screen. Foal App does not work on computers.

There is no scientific evidence that links wireless phone usage to cancer, or any other health problems. For more information please visit

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