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Halt! Important

Don’t miss your mare foaling.

Please refer to our support information regarding the phones that Foal App supports.

It’s important that the monitoring phone used on the mare provides adequate reliability and battery life.

Mare foaling alarm

  Monitor multiple mares on your smart phone

Horse alarm

 Receive alerts when your mare lays down

birth alarm horse

 Check on your mare at anytime


Easy to set up and use

Foal App pouch easily attaches the phone to your mare's halter

Reliable in any weather

Long range (via Wi-Fi or mobile network)

On-demand live video stream & audio

Alarm directly to your mobile phone

Alarm can alert multiple mobile phones

Low battery alert

Pouch attaches a phone

Pouch attaches a phone to your mare's halter

  • Overlapping velcro panels give reliable attachment
  • Helps your phone remain safe and dry during mare foaling season
  • The soft neoprene is comfortable for your mare to wear
  • The transparent front face offers a clear view for the camera

What they're saying about Foal App

Very lovely people at Equitana. Keep us informed.

by Julie


Great idea Aimee!

by Tim


“Sunny was the first mare to foal with Foal App! It worked great, she had a phone in the pouch on her halter, it sent an alarm when she laid down and then I could view a video stream from the phone that was on her. Then after she had the foal we spied a bit with the camera to see how she was mother it without being near her and disturbing them. Its an awesome idea!”

by Amanda Waller BVSc(Hons), Equine Veterinarian

Why didn't someone think of this earlier?!

by Annie

Love being able to ring and see my horse. Would definitely recommend.

by Sammy


The pouch was very easy to attach. Look forward to the safe birth of our foal.

by Jeremy


by Fred


As a small stud, we have traditionally spent the nights around foaling time getting up every few hours to go out to the stables with a head torch and check on the mares. With a mare due early in the season in North Eastern Victoria, night checks meant getting out of bed and walking to the stables through the frost, often at temperatures well below zero. I have never trusted a foaling alarm to take over this exciting, but exhausting task. That was until I discovered Foal App. Knowing that the alarm would alert me that the mare was foaling no matter the time, no matter where in the world meant that I was able to sleep soundly. Unlike traditional foaling alarms, Foal App allows you to instantly check on your horse from anywhere at any time of the day or night. Not only was this invaluable leading up to the birth, but in has also been incredibly useful in the days since as I have been able to monitor the mare and foal when I couldn’t be with them in person. I honestly will not be foaling down without this on my mares ever again.

Annalie Squires – Glenwood Farm (Bonnie Doon, Victoria)


The next generation of foaling monitors

Foal App is a foaling alarm app - a mare birthing alarm direct to your smart phone!

This mare birth alarm app sends an alarm to your phone when a mare lays down in preparation to foal. Foaling season can mean lots of sleepless nights for breeders monitoring the near-term foaling broodmare.

Foal App's on-demand live video streaming minimises the need to physically check mares in the case of “false alarms". This mare birthing alarm app also sends alarms to multiple phones if required. Many breeders use horse birthing alarms that require close proximity, direct line of sight and fair weather to function. Foal App is a mare birthing app that has overcome these issues by utilising the mobile network, meaning proximity and weather do not affect its ability to function reliably. Check on your mare from anywhere!

Unlike many mare birth monitors, Foal App allows a single user to monitor multiple mares at once, including each individual horse’s connection and battery usage.

Don’t want to risk missing your mare foaling? Try the latest horse birthing monitor - foal down with Foal App!

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