Born using Foal App Monitoring

Amanda Waller BVSc(Hons) is an equine veterinarian with many years experience in the industry treating horses from all disciplines, with a particular interest in equine dentistry and reproduction. Amanda and her husband also breed horses to compete in camp drafting events.

She was lucky enough to be the first person to test out FoalApp on the 7th of December, 2016, to monitor one of her top performance horses who was in foal for the first time. As with all maiden mares, Amanda was anxious that everything would go smoothly.

The sensor phone was attached to Amanda’s mare “Sunny” on the 7th of December at 1pm. Amanda noticed that Sunny had some “waxing” (when wax like beads appear at the end of each teat, which can occur between 12 and 36 hours prior to foaling).

At approximately 10pm that night, the alarm sounded on Amanda’s phone, signalling that Sunny was laying down. Amanda viewed the live stream video, and could hear that Sunny was panting and grunting. So she quickly went to the paddock and helped pull the foal a little. The foaling went smoothly and Amanda was very happy to welcome to the world a very cute, healthy filly.

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